How it works

Montenegrocard is card created for needs of each tourist who comes to Montenegro.

Card is available in 7 (seven) different categories and it is not time limited.

It works on principle of scraper and can be used only once in every available category.

Each category is covered with scraper or hologram and once it is used and canceled ,
discounts are not available in same category.

Where to buy

Montenegro card can be purchased in 40 (forty) different locations around Montenegro.

You can find it on each border crossing, promenades, gas stations,
best souvenir shops and tobacco – news paper shops.

Or buy and order ONLINE on this  LINK

Why to buy

For visitors and guests of our country we have created a card called Montenegro Card,
which is a unique ticket to historical and cultural monuments, top country attractions,
excellent restaurants and so much more in order to ensure that our guests feel welcome and
experience the best of Montenegro. If you use just a few categories from our offer you can
save up to 80 (eighty) euros for things that most tourists often need during the visit.

In addition to discount card, our package offers travel guide through
Montenegro, road map and a souvenir that will always remind you of
this beautiful country and of us who have been your partners on this unforgettable journey.


Once you have used all the categories from our card, as a present you get a magnet
 that easily sticks to the card. That way you get a souvenir that will always remind
 you of this beautiful country and of us who have been your partners on this journey.